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  • Sunday, April 4, 2010

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    Thursday, October 29, 2009
    Wow, I couldn't believe it when I opened my e-mail inbox on 27th October 2009, and got a piece of good news from Sony Pictures.

    I was told that I was one of the 200 selected lucky winners to catch Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Gala Premiere! (This is like something that I really wished for and came true.)

    Thank you, thank you... for choosing my entry! =D

    At the last minute, I tried to organize a small fan meetup with some of the winners in facebook since we all got only one ticket each (which means most of us are not able to bring a friend along). Wen actually got it,too , but she couldn't make it. *sobs*

    Nonetheless, it was a great experience as the meetup was quite a success. It was fast that we became friends from strangers in such a short time span. :) At least, we have a common topic to talk about! Hehe.

    As we were early birds, we managed to get the tickets without the hassle of a long queue.

    Pardon for my poor camera quality because I did not bring my digital camera along due to the rules in the cinema. Hence, all I could depend on was my one and only handphone! :)

    When we got in, MJ's music filled the atmosphere. (Honestly, I had got goosebumps!) Haha. They were playing the songs from "This Is It" soundtrack. :) I couldn't help grooving to the music.

    There are 2 group pictures taken using one of the fan's camera. Will upload it here soon when I get it from her.

    Well.. Thank you Sony Pictures and the fans for making this an enjoyable one! It was fun watching with you guys. :) I was fortunate to catch the 2nd last train back home! (I ran like a mad woman after the show yesterday with my boots on) ><

    P/S: Michael looked really thin in the movie.. So thin that I thought the shirt looked oversized on him. If anyone is reading this and is planning on going to watch the movie, I would advise you to PLEASE STAY throughout the whole movie, and wait till the credits roll end!

    Just when you expected that this is it, you will surprised that its actually not.

    You will know what I mean when you watch it. Just don't leave the cinema and stay in your seats till the lights turn on totally. :)

    Thursday, October 22, 2009
    Met up with Satoru a.k.a Edwin, together with Ah Zhai yesterday afternoon for a kbox session. It was completely a last minute decision. Wow, it has been a long time since I last enjoyed myself like this! I completely let myself free and screamed my lungs out to my dear Michael's songs. Hahaha. Sorry if I caused any damages to the ears! (I should have given disclaimers. HAHAHA)

    Anyway, a big..BIG thank you to Satoru for remembering my birthday and giving me something that I love dearly. It is very sweet of you! You made me go crazy yesterday. Hee hee.

    This book is fantastic and I am gonna take extreme care of it. Yes, I'm gonna purchase some covers for protection.) I love all the MJ presents by my friends! Now I have overwhelming stuff of him @ my house... But no worries, I am not obsessed.
    Thank you once again, for joining us for the Kbox session..I do hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did too! ^^

    Now, the whole world knows I love Michael. *blushes* All thanks to those classmates of mine! *note the sarcasm*

    While I was browsing through some Michael stuff on the net days ago in school with Ah Zhai, my new lecturer spotted and asked what we were doing.

    Without a doubt, those people at the back responded "Michael Jackson....!"

    I was embarrassed, and I told him that I was just trying to book his tickets online.

    I was taken aback when the lecturer seemed to be interested in this, and he asked "This is it ah?" (Michael's upcoming movie) *Well, actually I was kinda surprised that he knew about the movie.* HAHA.

    Next, he started asking me questions about him and told me that Michael is "not suitable for my age", and it is more for him. =_=

    Lecturer: When did you start to like him?

    Me: *trying to sustain a serious face* Since the day he died.

    (Classmates started laughing and he went speechless.) -I tell you, if I were asked that question again in future, Imma gonna reply "FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER."!!! Grrr.

    Me: What! At least I am being honest what.

    Lecturer: Oh, so when he died, you start listening to his songs and like them la?

    Me: Ya.

    Lecturer: So which is your favorite song of his?

    Me: Thriller la, Billie Jean la, Jam la.. bla bla *ramble a list of song titles*

    Lecturer: Okay, I hope you can remember your tutorial like that. (meaning that if only I can remember that much stuff for my module.)


    And that lecturer was trying to tease me about him during the lesson... Grr.

    So much for trying to keep a low profile. =.= Thank you ah @ kaypo classmates. Haha.

    Actually, there are certain facts that I didn't bother to explain to people. Unlike other fans, Michael did not catch my attention through his music or dance. In fact, I knew nuts about him.. not even the moonwalk that was popularized by him. Come to think of it, being a fan of his was something that did not even cross the slightest of my mind before.. because I was completely uninterested in this man. I only knew him as a singer.. and nothing else.

    So, what is it that caught my attention?

    I shall write about it in my next entry. Gonna have lessons tomorrow in the morning, and filming wardrobe fitting session in the afternoon. AAAAHHH!

    Monday, October 19, 2009
    Happy Birthday to ME! LOL!
    Extracted from my yearly birthday blog:

    The time is 10.24pm on 19th October 2009 as I am typing this. And this year is a different birthday for me because it falls on the first day of school! Well, and worse still, school started at 8.30am and ended at 4 pm. (Poor Pitrra still had to wait for me for about 4 hours in school!) I'm sorry, Pitrra, I'm so touched that you waited that long! Sobs.

    =) Anyway, thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday today.
    (Sis, Pei Wen, Pitrra, Si Ying (a.k.a SHREK) Chin Seng, Shi Yun, Si Ling, Dolphin, Gera, Zhong Hui, Zi Min, Jarod, C.T, Hui Min, Qi Ming, Yi Rong, Z.A, Edwin, Rachel, Xiao Shi Yun and everyone else in facebook!) Although I may not know some of them in FB, but it warmed my heart that they sent me birthday wishes too. Thank you all! :)

    Well, there is A LOT to blog about today, but I will TRY to make it short.. because I don't want the clock to strike 12 when I publish this. (Well, it will not be meaningful anymore then, right?! Hehe)

    Well.. Firstly, to start the ball rolling... I WOULD LIKE to express special thanks to Wen, Ling and Yun for the really valuable and expensive MJ tribute book. I know it isn't cheap, and I was actually shocked that you all bought that for me! Thank you sooo much! Sorry that I have such an "expensive obsession" Haha.

    On 17th October, I went for a morning photoshoot and met up with them in the afternoon at Dhoby Ghaut.

    We shopped around and there were many funny incidents that happened. When we walked past a small shop in the shopping mall, I was actually stopped by an ang moh who suddenly grabbed my hand and filed my middle finger. LOL. He was actually trying to promote a kind of nail care product, lah. When he was doing that, he asked me about my age and whether it was my birthday. =_=

    "How do you know?" I asked sheepishly.
    "I know." he answered, and looked into the direction where I was holding a big plastic bag with the present inside. Haha. He was quite cute, though. And my dear friends were laughing their (#*$)#$ off.

    To my surprise, he still remembered me a few hours later when we were about to leave the mall after our dinner. He waved at me from his shop and up the escalator. =_=

    Ahh, anyway, enough about him. LOL. Here's a picture of the present I got from Wen, Yun and Ling. Thank you so much! ^__^

    .photobucket.com/albums/j219/lovemdwav/Image847.jpg" width="451" />

    On Monday (which is today. HAHA) , Shrek (SiYing) messaged me and wanted to meet up to pass me her present. I was expecting a bikini (HAHAHA.. Inside joke), but it turned out to be... ...
    MICHAEL'S "UNMASKED"! I was still eyeing it on Ebay! Gosh. I went crazy when I saw it. Shrek kept scolding me "SIAO". HAHA. Ok I admit I am... When it comes to MICHAEL! =p THANK YOU SHREK. I KNOW YOU LOVE ME! HAHAHA.

    I met up with dear Pitrra... (who waited for me for 4 hours in school!) and we went for dinner together. (Long John Silver) Hehe.

    She gave me a cute "uglyworm". Hahaha.

    At night, sweet old Chin Seng dropped me a surprise visit again to my house.. Just to pass me the present bought by him and Xiao Shi Yun! Gosh.. You are always one of the sweetest. THANK YOU!.

    So nicely wrapped up! Haha. I'm keeping the wrapper =p~

    And here is what's hiding inside:

    A cutie pink "Miss Bean": LOL.. Don't it just make you wanna go "AWWW"!

    Oh, and not forgetting the very advanced birthday present (A mango moisturiser from Body Shop) that dear Des gave me last month. Its still not forgotten, and I am appreciating it lots! =D Thanks! Here.. I am going to show off your beautiful hand-made wrapper.

    When I got home from school today, I thought it was the end... Until my dad showed me a birthday cake that he bought.. How sweet... ^^

    When I opened it..

    ITS PIKACHU! HAHA =D So cute~!

    And for the first time in the 20 years of my life.. (IM NOT KIDDING!) I successfully cut a cake into equal halves: HAHA.

    Thank you all for making my birthday a memorabe one. I LOVE YOU ALL!

    P/S: Will be meeting some of my friends for celebration nxt week too. Thanks in advance! :D

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Something unexplainable happened this morning when I woke up before preparing myself for work. My dad told me that when he unplugged my handphone from the charger (I was charging it overnight), "Thriller" (one of Michael's songs and my fave) started playing suddenly all by itself! My dad told me that he thought I had forgotten to turn off my music player in my hp.

    But it is definitely impossible... Because even if the music player is turned on, it will stop automatically when the songs finish playing. UNLESS someone navigates and click on the music player,or else it wouldn't work.

    And my dad was SURE that he didn't press anything besides plugging it off from my charger.

    It was weird. Furthermore, the song wasn't playing on the page of my music player, but my front wallpaper with Michael's face on it. My dad said he couldn't stop the music as he didn't know the way to.

    Oh my...

    Now I really miss you, Michael...

    P/S: After I told Ah Zhai about this morning's incident, she sent me a 2nd message in the afternoon.. and said she heard Michael's song playing when she was going for lunch! And for goodness sake, this is NOT the first time this happens! I told Ah Zhai that they are too much of a coincidence... but we shall not read too much into it. Its just that some things are unexplainable... :)

    Friday, October 9, 2009
    MJ tribute

    Met up with Shrek after work on Wednesday and rushed down to Changi Airport to catch the 7pm MJ tribute, performed by Edward Moss. (A MJ impersonator)

    I was impressed by his performance because his dance moves and expressions seemed flawless. It was totally like watching the real MJ live! Yes, the resemblace is uncanny.

    Some people had said that he was the closest that one can get to experience "MJ". There were even gifts and posters prepared for this Edward guy by those MJ fans.

    (I was thinking, "Why did they honor this guy so much when he is actually just a normal person who just happen to have the talent of looking and dancing like MJ?")

    Watch the below video to see his outstanding performance! You can't really tell the difference between the real and fake from afar!

    Song: Billie Jean

    This was after he changed his costume and sang "I'll be there", one of my favorites.

    The song "Scream" was used as his opening. Notice that when he turned around for the first time to face the audience, there was this shocking uncanny resemblance that sent the fans screaming.

    My feelings for this guy are ironic. There is no denial that he can fool people into thinking that he is MJ, but there will never be another duplication of MJ in terms of personality.

    I have my reasons for saying that because I had watched some parodies "making fun" of MJ, and this Edward guy was the one who did it. I am not sure if he is actually attempting to bring glory to MJ or humiliate him. If anyone of you have watched "Scary Movie 3" and 4, you will "see MJ" there, which is actually acted by this Edward guy.

    OMG, he really dared to take up roles that would actually place MJ's reputation at risk. (As if MJ didn't had it worse) Check out this video I found: (Although I do admit its funny, but still... ...)

    Anyway, back to the tribute...

    It lasted for only an hour plus, and there were photo taking sessions for 10 lucky fans onstage. (Okay, I was not one of the lucky ones though. LOL)

    Edward appeared in the image of a straight-haired MJ after his performance, and rushed out to greet the excited fans.

    I found it quite hilarious when he went "Thank you... Thank you.. I LOVE YOU..!"

    And I was wondering if he was still in character or saying that as himself. (Because he was supposed to be himself but his mannerisms and such are still MJ-like. LOL.)

    Someone behind me shouted "I love you too" to him, and he replied "I love you more." (Okay, MJ is famous for saying that. So I guess he was just following whatever he was supposed to.)

    Out of a sudden, a young girl shouted "YOU ARE GAY!" Oops. I am not sure if he did hear it, but even if he did, I would bet he'd feign ignorance. Haha.

    Anyway... Even though I do not admire him for bringing bad light to MJ in the parody shows, but I would still applaud him for the convincing performance for the tribute.

    Nonetheless, I am puzzled at how amazing a makeup process can turn him into a MJ lookalike. (His real face does not resemble MJ at all, not even 1%). But with the makeup on, he is a total lookalike. =_=

    Don't believe? Check this out:

    And now look:
    The before and after makeup:

    Totally hard to relate them as the same person right? :p Well, thats the wonders of makeup.

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Guess why I haven't been updating?

    Because I am having a "MJ Marathon" these days! Thanks to my dad and school for that!

    My school library has been ordering new MJ stuff these days, and I had been busy reserving them! HAHA.

    Oh man, I guess I really do love this man. I will update soon with my beloved pictures in my next post.

    OH YES. Let me introduce everyone Victoria, my newborn niece! :D

    Isn't she cute?! Awww.. *smoochies*

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